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Many of our STARS choose to donate a percentage of the proceeds from their STARMAIL videos to the charity or foundation of their choice. In these boxes, please enter the bona fide 501c(3) charity or charities that you wish to support and the percentage of the proceeds that you wish to donate. We will highlight your generosity on your profile page.

We require a minimum of 10 videos per month from our busiest celebrities but request a commitment of at least 30 per month. Remember, each video will only take about 5 minutes to record and you will be making a FAN for LIFE!

This is part art, part science. Ultimately, a lot of information goes into your pricing decision. Please enter a mid-range figure and your account manager will contact you to decide on your introductory price.

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Our model allows the customer to purchase up-sells from you at checkout. The current up-sells include a "Shout Out" on social media (eg - you go on your personal twitter account and post something like, "I wanted to wish a happy birthday to my superfan @XYZFan - I hope your dreams come true!"). The second up-sell includes the Shout Out and posting the STARMAIL Video ("Shout Out Video") that you just made for your fan to your social media account (eg - "I just made this incredible STARMAIL video for my superfan @XYZFan check it out!"). These are purely optional, you can add or delete them at any time, but if you choose to offer them and a customer purchases one of the options, you MUST fulfill your obligations. We typically recommend a Shout Out fee of 15-25% of the base STARMAIL fee and a Shout Out Video fee of 25-50% of the base STARMAIL fee. If you have any questions, leave this section blank and discuss it with your account manager.

You may choose to offer a 24 Hour Rush Fee for customers who are shopping at the last minute. If you choose to offer this service, you MUST be able to fulfill your videos in less than 24 hours. We typically recommend a Rush Fee of 15-20% of the base STARMAIL fee.


Please enter your bio, career highlights and anything that personalizes you to your fans. Our professional writers will edit or rewrite this section for you and send it to you for approval prior to publishing.


We can often promote events or products for you, especially if they are charitable or community-focused.

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